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Empathetic Falls
Year 3, University of Edinburgh

Studying a British building regulation which stated the notion that water should not penetrate the building skin I was struck by the potential for transgression implied by this regulation, and indeed inherent within any body of legislation. Inaugurated in the aftermath of the Great Fire of London, 1666, the codes intend to impose order and control on what would otherwise, it is implied, be forever in chaos. This project explores this notion of order and chaos as one of its main themes.

Parallel to this, an interest in the role of the inclined plane was brought about by the discovery of Paul Virilio’s Theory of the Oblique, a notion that through the application of the unconventional oblique plane a shocking new empathy can occur between the user and both their own body and the space that it occupies. Applying this notion also as a method of programmatic delineation, it forms the second dialectical theme of this work.

In terms of accommodation, the building is a proposal for a small swimming pool and corresponding waterkeepers cottage.