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Holmwood House Intervention
Open competition, summer 2012

Alexander Thomson was a master of creating tension through opposition. This intervention is about exploring through opposition the tensions of Holmwood House, and also about exploring Thomson’s geometry.

The intervention takes the form of two related entities. A loose curtain of paper silhouettes (folded hieroglyphs) hang from the existing curtain rail. In reference to both the house’s commission and to the beautiful shadowplay of the house’s cupola, the paper curtain plays a game of chiaroscuro with the 230° of light in the bay window.

In counterpoint to the delicacy and filigree of the paper curtain, a monolithic block of cast iron stands in the centre of the parlour. An enigmatic object in the room, the dark metal volume amplifies the darkness of the parlour and accentuates its square footprint.

In dialogue the two objects express the multitudinous oppositions of Holmwood House - of brutality and filigree, of darkness and light, of inside and outside, of square and circle.