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New Contemporaries
Royal Scottish Academy, 2012

An exhibition of ten drawings and three models from Venice Terme.

Often in architectural exhibitions projects are presented as material or ideal singularities, as polished wholes
; the ambition for this project was to express a multivalency of uses, occupations and understandings inherent in the architectural project.

To this end, the project is shown as a set of architectural fragments descibing specific moments and atmospheres. A relatively large number of drawings were shown at a small and equal scale to avoid the familiar trope of the architectural killer image. The desire was to describe an occupation of the building, rather than of the building itself.

Narration became an important tool by which to describe occupation. Graciously, the condition of a bathhouse in Venice also involved a beautifully rich lexicon - of the Hamam and the Thermae, the Tepidarium, Caldarium and Fridgidarium, the Hypocaust and Tegulae Mammata heating systems, of larch, oak and Istrian stone, the Adriatic Sea, the Hypostyle and the Zattaron, the Venetian device for tying wooden piles together.