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Edinburgh: Paradigm City
Year 5, Glasgow School of Art

Viewing Edinburgh as a palimpsest of built form, this research project considers the paradigmatic shifts in the built environment that have collectively made up the fabric of the city.

Edinburgh serves us well as an urban laboratory due to the clarity and richness of its built environment. From the medieval beginnings of the Old Town through the Georgian splendour of the New Town, the functionality of the Victorian Tenement City, the sterile antidote of the interwar Garden Suburbs and the utopian postwar Social Housing Projects, Edinburgh showcases an unusually wide range of our nation’s constantly changing attitude to architecture and the built environment.

Our built environment is a product of the political, social and economic forces at play at the given time of its inception, alteration or demolition. As a record of political force, social will, economic scarcity or prosperity, the study of Edinburgh’s built environment tells us about much more than stone and mortar. It tells us about the much broader societal phenomena that have constantly re-shaped, and been shaped by, the city.