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Hybrid Connections
Year 4, Glasgow School of Art

This project explores the territory between Partick and Kelvingrove in west Glasgow. The brief asked us to propose a masterplan for the area surrounding the elbow between Dumbarton Road and the River Kelvin. Our initial move was to interrogate the area on socio-economic, physical, aesthetic and cultural terms. Our study found an area ‘between’, no longer belonging to either of these two districts, a fact in abrasion with the area’s history.

This ‘elbow’ of the river proved strategically important to the growth and prosperity of Partick, due to the lie of the land - the drop through Kelvingrove Park had gifted this corner of the river with water of a high kinetic energy. This was exploited to turn this area into the predominant flour-milling district of Glasgow’s early-mid history, remembered in chimneytop barley sheafs and streetnames such as Bunhouse Road.

Our proposal sought to intensify the relationship with the river and create a new pedestrian crossing leading to the cultural acropoli of the Kelvin Hall and Kelvingrove Museum.