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Tracing Images
Toh Shimazaki Forum, 2009

This project, undertaken as part of the Toh Shimazaki Forum emerged out of the concentrated study of a particular condition found in the area of Shoreditch. As I walked around this area day and night, I became aware that many of the buildings had a very precisely mediated relationship between inside and out.

Using a homemade pinhole camera as a method of exploration and documentation, I began to consider how this condition which was evident on the streets of Shoreditch could also play a role in a domestic occupation of this area. This manifests itself in two threads – one exploring the effect of mechanically syndicating images of the city into the domestic space, and a second exploring the potential of focus in variegating this relationship.

There is an informational quality to syndicated images, in order to understand the weather above you, or who’s at your front door, but there is also the potential for these images to carry little or almost no clear information, instead offering ambiguity and openness of interpretation. Within these two opposites a variety of occupation exists.